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Natural Beekeeping in County Donegal, Ireland

Aoife's swarm 2013

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The Honeybee Helpers

The Honeybee Helpers are based in Gweedore, County Donegal, North West Ireland.

We are Natural Beekeepers, which means we are guardians of hives of honeybees. Our interest is in keeping honeybee colonies healthy for their own sake. We have no interest in forcing honey production for human consumption.

We recognise honeybees as a vital part of the earths natural biodiversity and provide sanctuary for them on the land where we live. We do this by planting pollinator-friendly plants from organic seed and keeping beehives in a natural way, free from harmful chemicals.

We invite people to visit our Honeybee Sanctuary in Gweedore to learn more. Just get in touch to arrange a visit.


Found a Swarm?

Nadine McGee collects swarms in the Summer months.
If you come across a swarm of honeybees contact Nadine 083 191 6078

See the picture below for identification purposes. Click the picture for a larger view.

Identification of bees and wasps

If you find a bumblebee nest please read this information from The Bumblebee Conservation Trust before contacting Nadine.


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